High schooler tries for cheap cologne blast and winds up in court

A blast to the olfactory senses denied
A blast to the olfactory senses denied
Photo: drexler

Maybe this is the opposite of a "dirty" bomb? A Rochester teenager has been charged in Olmsted District Juvenile Court with felony possession of an explosive/incendiary device. His offense? Trying to ignite a bottle of cologne -- a Molotov cocktail, a bomb! -- at John Marshall High School.

Seems the kid failed utterly with his prank, too. A teacher found the bottle with a burned wick after it was knocked over. And the whole pathetic episode was recorded on security video.

From the Rochester Post-Bulletin:

The teen admitted bringing the bottle of cologne with him from home and putting the wick into the bottle and lighting the wick. Once the wick was lit, he and the others ran away. He agreed that people seeing the bottle with a wick sticking out of it would think it was a bomb. Another boy with the teen said the 16-year-old had commented he wanted to "blow up the bottle."

That would have been a blast to the olfactory senses.

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