Hey man -- hey listen man, you try walking on ice in a giant bear suit [VIDEO]


Somewhere out there, there's a perfectly good television ad for Mitsubishi automobiles featuring a large car salesman, Goldy Gopher, and a man in a huge bear suit. 

We looked, couldn't find it, and frankly couldn't care less. The internet forsakes the perfectly good in favor of the perfectly messed up, as is her wont, and has done precisely that here.

A blooper reel of slip-and-fall crashes from the taping of an ad for White Bear Mitsubishi has quickly gone very viral, with 330,000 YouTube views within a week of its posting. Not everyone loves mascots, but everyone cannot stop watching a mascot slip and fall repeatedly while trying to shill some affordable cars.

Note that Goldy Gopher, the University of Minnesota mascot, is outfitted here with some ice skates, as he'd be seen on ice at a U of M hockey game. The White Bear Mitsubishi mascot is wearing a big fluffy bear suit, with giant, flat-bottom paws for feet: A prescription for pratfalls if there ever was one.

The car salesman seen here is wearing some sensible car selling shoes, and (despite his own ursine frame) is also pretty sure-footed. The greatest threat he poses is cracking up at the bear's wooop-wooop-wooop-BAM tumbles. Hundreds of thousands of people giggling along online can sympathize.

Stick around for the rapid face-first drop around the 1:10 mark. Is there a concussion protocol for auto dealer mascots?