He's Not There

Readers respond to "The One Who Got Away"

Andy, I hope you get an award for this, because it is truly brilliant.

NoMi Homie

Extremely well done! Nice work, Mr. Mannix.


When people are convicted of these felonies they should be placed in jail and throw away the keys. People's lives are ruined and they are already out there in public as well as political lives scamming the next innocent party.

no name

This is the scaled-down story. The scams and lies and frauds perpetrated by this man are more plentiful. He is truly a con artist. If he can pull off the fraud and lies that I have witnessed in the Northside political and nonprofit world, I can only imagine what scams he is pulling off in his private life. Ladies (and gentleman) BEWARE! Google is your friend, use it!

Another NoMi Homie

It is clear that there needs to be some structure for helping families like us with these types of situations. One stolen piece of mail and this could happen to anyone. I am glad that the worst part is over and that some of the people responsible are finally receiving punishment for their crimes against my family.

I want to thank my mother for doing what so many people could not: solving an entire intricate case against our family and somehow still keeping us healthy and safe. If not for all of her hard work, these people would still be out on the street and would be financially devastating more people for their own personal gain with no regard or remorse.

I want people to recognize the changes we need to see in society. It is far too easy for fraud and theft to happen to innocent bystanders, and there is no place to turn to for help. I hope that through our suffering will come change. A change to help future victims find justice and provide a silver lining to this story.

Chelsea Michaels

Chelsea, I am very proud of you. At a young age you are wise and brave and you will make this world a better place! I'm sorry for the time taken from you to fight this fight; but in the end it was a gift given to you. You will stand up for what's right, fight against those harming others, care that everyone is safe and you are stronger for having gone through this.

It's another opportunity to show that it's never just the money when thieves rob you or your community. They rob you of feeling safe in your home, feeling safe to have your children play in their neighborhood without fear, they rob you of the time it takes to battle them (and they hope you get tired, or weary, or decide it's too much), they rob you of opportunities and so much more.

That's why we all have to stand up and turn the tables. Now it's their turn to have to change their lives. Now they have to find new jobs, answer (or avoid answering) endless ringing phones. We lost our credit, our peace of mind, our feeling of safety, our ability to have a peaceful surrounding. We lost opportunities, money, time, family traditions on holidays, and no longer could afford family vacations. We lost sleep, had to answer to people calling us liars when they called to collect debts we didn't owe, explain to neighbors and co-workers and relatives . . . the list goes on. Now they have to dodge phone calls, process servers, employers, co-workers, neighbors, and more. They will not have the same income, will have to answer to children for the example they are giving.

If we all stand toe to toe with these con-artists, criminals, and thieves, they cannot continue to destroy. As my daughter eloquently said, our time and fight may not have saved us from the devastation they brought, but it will help so the next person or family will have a trail, and unknown friends to guide them so damage is less and less until this crime will hurt the criminal more and more.

Melony Michaels

Amazing. It sounds as if this clown victimized a lot of people in this neighborhood, and he's just running around scot-free when he really deserves to be locked away. Wonderful how justice really works.

Ruth W.

I read this article and was also very concerned and puzzled at how this person could be allowed to work at Wells Fargo. So I did some inquiring and was told he no longer works there.

Bank Employee

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