Hero Traveler Helps Remove Icee Cup From Skunk's Head

A brave rescue

A brave rescue

Robert Kolbe was driving in Mankato with his fiancee Bobby Jo Eckstein last Saturday afternoon when he saw a skunk stumbling around with an Icee cup stuck on its head.

He had to laugh, just for a moment, before springing into action.

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"It kind of looked funny, but it was also really sad to see," he told the Mankato Free Press. "I'm sure it was scared."

The skunk had eaten a hole in the side of the cup and was unable to pop its head back out because its claws couldn't get around a curved plastic lid it had also gotten tangled up in.

Kolbe, 31, bravely hopped out of his car, ignoring any fear of being stinkbombed. He approached the skunk slowly and used an ice scraper to hold down the cup while the skunk slipped its head free.

The skunk still had the plastic lid attached to its head, but it didn't want to stick around for any more help.

Klobe and the skunk had a moment before it walked away. More from the Mankato Free Press:

The skunk paused and looked back.

"I could see its eyes," Kolbe said. It looked scared but also "relieved to have that off of its head."

For him, the moral of story is simple: Don't litter. Think of the skunks.

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