Herman Wilson charged with robbing bank in goggles, carrying kitty-litter bucket


Minnesotans sure know how to express themselves while robbing banks. Earlier this week we told you about the man who robbed a bank with a needle, threatening bank employees with AIDS. Now we've got a man charged with robbing a credit union wearing goggles, a surgical mask, and a construction vest. Oh, and he was carrying a kitty-litter bucket with a gun inside. What a perfect bank robbing ensemble.

Herman Wilson of Brooklyn Park, was charged Wedesday with one count of bank robbery for the Oct. 8 incident at the Minnesota Building Trades Federal Credit Union.

According to the indictment, he demanded cash from the teller and left with more than $21,000. When they arrested him in December, they found goggles and a car matching the description of the suspect.

He could be in jail for 20 years for the robbery. And you'll be known as the kitty-litter robber. What a pathetic way to go down in history.