Here's why Minnesota's relatively high tax rate isn't necessarily a bad thing

You know the old saying, "You get what you pay for?" WalletHub's state-by-state analysis of what residents pay in state taxes compared to the services they get for them shows that Minnesota taxpayers are getting at least that much.

The study finds that Minnesota has the best government services in the entire nation. However, only 12 states (including D.C.) have higher tax rates. When the two are put together, Minnesota comes out with the 17th-best return on investment (ROI) with regard to taxes of any state.

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WalletHub's government services analysis looks at infrastructure, education, health care, public safety, economic performance, and pollution. Here's how Minnesota fared compared to the other top 10 states:

An interactive WalletHub graph shows that while residents of states where the government is controlled by Republicans generally pay less taxes, then also get worse services -- no big surprise there:


And here's a state-by-state interactive map, with green symbolizing better ROI and red the opposite:


Here are the top states for tax ROI:

And here's the bottom of the list:

Overall, the study found that states with governments controlled by Democrats had slightly better tax ROIs than Republican states, with average rankings of 24.74 and 27.29, respectively (one being the best, 51 the worst).

With this year's election season heating up, WalletHub's goes to show that taxes need not be a losing issue for DFLers -- if they can make the case that the cash Minnesotans kick into state coffers pays for useful, quality of life-increasing services and not regrettable photo-ops of this sort.

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