Here's what happens when you bring a gun to the police station [VIDEO]

No guns allowed at police headquarters.

No guns allowed at police headquarters.

Joel Rosenberg tried to bring a gun into the Minneapolis Police headquarters and the cops wouldn't let him.

Now Rosenberg is accusing the cop who took his gun of assault.


Earlier this month, Rosenberg, who says he is a science fiction writer and handgun instructor, paid a visit to the MPD chief's office to pick up some documents he'd requested. Sgt. William Palmer, the public information officer, saw that Rosenberg was packing, and asked him to dump the gun. Rosenberg refused. He insisted he had the right to wear his gun.

Palmer explained that a court order prevented him from carrying the gun. Rosenberg disagreed.

So Palmer physically took the gun away from Rosenberg and unloaded the cartridge. He handed it back when Rosenberg agreed to put the gun in his car.

Here's a video of what happened. Warning: all the action takes place in the first minute or so. After that, it is a deathly boring clip of a desk.

Palmer said he couldn't comment specifically on this case because of ongoing investigations.

"There is a District Court order and a state law stating that weapons cannot be brought into a building containing a courthouse or jail," he wrote in an e-mail. "Its not an MPD thing."

But Rosenberg has a different interpretation of that court order.

"That order is unconstitutionally overly broad," he says. "The judge can control what happens in her courtroom. She's not allowed to define things that aren't part of the court as part of the court. Her authority extends only to the courtrooms in City Hall. The outer portion of Chief Dolan's office is not even arguably a courtroom."