Here's the police report about that crazy SuperAmerica ruckus

Sometimes, one person's "victim" is another's "suspect."

Sometimes, one person's "victim" is another's "suspect."

Yesterday, we brought you footage of a crazy early morning July 1 brawl at the Lyndale and 22nd SuperAmerica.

The 7-minute throwdown features fists, fire extinguishers, and bloody faces. Conspicuous by its absence is the presence of law enforcement.

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But a report sent to us by the Minneapolis Police Department indicates police did respond, even if they didn't get there in time to prevent any of the the violence. A police report put together by officer Blayne Lehner -- yes, this guy -- says he arrived at the scene sometime after the MPD received a call from the gas station at 4:09 a.m. (The guy who posted the footage to Facebook says the fight occurred around 3 in the morning.)

According to the report, a 20-year-old black male said he "had his phone stolen and vehicle damaged by the suspect." In the video, a shirtless black male who at various points can be seen fighting, punching, and stomping a person who appears to be transgender later walks around without a shirt and laments the fact his phone is gone. It's unclear whether the shirtless guy is the same "victim" officer Lehrer spoke to.

With the regard to the fight's backstory, one emailer suggests it "may be worth looking into or mentioning the transgender/lgbt violence aspects of the altercation... Seems that there was a queer person under attack at first and the tables turned."

But the police report doesn't provide any information about that aspect of things, and MPD officials didn't return our calls yesterday.

The "suspect" responsible for damaging a car with a fire extinguisher and allegedly stealing a phone isn't named in the report. No arrests were made in connection with the incident.

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