Here's GOP Rep. Jeremy Munson's 'fake news' Halloween costume and face

Pictured: Jeremy Munson's 'fake news reporter' Halloween costume. (Facial expression not available in stores.)

Pictured: Jeremy Munson's 'fake news reporter' Halloween costume. (Facial expression not available in stores.) Facebook

GOP Rep. Jeremy Munson (R-Crystal Lake) had a tough act to follow, especially when it comes to being unlikable.

Tony Cornish, his predecessor in House District 23B, was publicly a fervent and obnoxious defender of Second Amendment absolutism; privately, Cornish was a fervent and obnoxious predator of women

That second part eventually saw him scuttle out of office, leaving the seat Munson won in a special election in February 2018. The farmer, small business consultant, and real estate investor hadn't done much of note through his first couple terms. 

As of this fall, Munson's letting his jerk flag fly on Facebook. About a month ago that meant publishing a video of him buying over-the-counter insulin from Walmart for $25 and suggesting he'd solved all of diabetics' pricing problems.

Diabetics disagreed, loudly, saying Walmart's cheaper insulin isn't the same as the expensive stuff. Hell, even Walmart wasn't thrilled with the idea. Munson, meanwhile, clarified to the Star Tribune that he was "not giving medical advice, that's for sure."

The fallout from Munson's insulin stunt illustrates the real problem with modern journalism. Elected officials can't go around pulling stupid, potentially harmful stunts without some pesky reporter quoting them accurately and suggesting they might be, y'know, wrong.

Consider yourself owned, media. Today, Rep. Munson brought dozens of sixth-grade students from his district to the Capitol, indeed to the very floor of the House of Representatives, for a "debate" about a "bill" to "ban trick-or-treating for teenagers."

This is all well and good, until you see Jeremy's Halloween costume. As stated in his accompanying Facebook post, Munson went dressed as "a #FakeNews reporter." 

For the record, this is the face he thinks people make when they are doing journalism.


Sweet jacket, too, bro.

Munson's House floor stunt was condemned Thursday afternoon by DFL Party chairman Ken Martin, who chastised the lawmaker for "indoctrinating schoolchildren in the far-right conspiracy theory that our press regularly publishes 'fake' news," which Martin called "not only wrong," but "dangerous."

If, as he threatened this year, Tony Cornish decides to come out of his (very much forced!) retirement from office and run yet again, consider the incumbent's recent actions a built-in campaign platform.

Who needs an asshole like Tony Cornish when you've already got one like Jeremy Munson?