Here's footage of the end of a 4-hour police standoff in Roseville

The incident occurred at a home near the intersection of Rice Street and County Road B.
The incident occurred at a home near the intersection of Rice Street and County Road B.

Talk about a coincidence.

Yesterday, Little Canada resident Andrew Henderson was returning home from the University of Minnesota, where he'd been talking to students about volunteering for an anti-police brutality group, when he noticed a heavy police presence at a house about a mile down the street, just across the border in Roseville.

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"There was a whole bunch of police vehicles," Henderson tells us. "When I passed by, I thought, something big is going on."

So, as he's wont to do, Henderson, who has gotten in trouble for filming emergency personnel before, broke out his camera.

At first, Henderson and other folks assembled across the street to watch the incident unfold thought the standoff might have something to do with Ty Hoffman, the murder suspect who has reportedly been sighted everywhere from Thunder Bay to Blaine to Mystic Lake in recent weeks. But eventually one onlooker checked their phone and informed others police were actually after 33-year-old Geoffrey McCloskey, a Wisconsin resident who was wanted on two felony warrants for fleeing police officers.

Officers received a tip just after noon that McCloskey was staying at a home at 2147 Rice Street, Roseville police say. But when officers went to the house to arrest him, McCloskey fled to a bedroom in the home's lower level and attempted to escape out a window. When that didn't work out, he barricaded himself in the room and refused to leave.

At that point, East Metro SWAT was summoned to the scene to help apprehend McCloskey. Henderson's footage captures them tossing a stun grenade into the home, but the next part of the drama happened off camera, unfortunately.

"At approximately 4:30 p.m. McCloskey attempted to escape his barricaded room via an open garage door," a release from the Roseville Police Department says. "When McCloskey failed to follow officer orders to peacefully surrender, he aggressively charged perimeter officers and was taken into custody only after being shot with one less than lethal round to his lower extremities."

McCloskey was taken to Regions Hospital for treatment, with his next stop being the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center.

Here's McCloskey's mugshot from a July 2014 arrest:

Here's footage of the end of a 4-hour police standoff in Roseville

And here's Henderson's footage (you can hear the stun grenade being tossed right around the 4:15 mark):

We asked Henderson, who works as a welder but is the cop watch coordinator for Communities United Against Police Brutality, how he thinks officers handled themselves during the standoff.

"I think they did a great job with this one," Henderson tells us. "They didn't have too much of an overwhelming presence right in front of the suspect's house, most of it was tucked on a different street, so they didn't show [too much force] to either scare the guy or make him do something irrational when he sees that many people."

Roseville police say that in addition to his active warants, McCloskey will likely be charged with additional crimes related to obstructing legal process and failing to obey a police officer.

No officers or bystanders were injured during the standoff.

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