Here's a UFO that hung out near Brainerd, Minnesota for a while [VIDEO]

Aliens came to planet earth and decided to visit Brainerd, maybe.

Aliens came to planet earth and decided to visit Brainerd, maybe.

Highways 210 and 371 come together in Brainerd, a north-central Minnesota town, population roughly 13,000.

For those who haven't visited -- do; it's nice! -- Brainerd is perhaps best known recently as the setting for some of the major events in the movie Fargo. And boy oh boy, chief Maggie Gunderson would've had herself a heckova time gettin' her head around this video that showed up on Youtube last week.

The five-minute clip was uploaded by SuspectSky, which claims to feature "the best sightings, analysis, and thought-provoking research" on unidentified flying objects (UFOs). SuspectSky's bio adds it is "Always critical, always vigilant," so, pretty much like your mom.

This particular video is said to have been shot at the Highway 210/371 junction, and cars zoom right on through the shot continuously. That leads to lots of ambient noise, though not enough to drown out the eerie music SuspectSky has piped in to give our UFO video the full effect.

"This single bright object soon becomes several," reads a white script that shows up on the screen. In fact, it does: Two lights, then three, then four. When our videographer/driver's car system announces, "GPS signal lost," the caption reads, "GPS Signal Lost." This is some of that "best analysis" they'd promised.

That GPS signal is one of several plot twists in this UFO sighting. Note when SuspectSky says the triangle shaped pattern in the sky "appears to try to make a diamond." As if the attempt failed. As in, aliens traveled through light years of space to reach earth -- Brainerd, Minnesota, specifically -- and then couldn't figure out how to turn on their headlights. 

Do not skip the comments under this video. "they are here...just watching us...����������," reads one. "They always have been," reads another. "They are doing more than just watching us - I assure you," reads a third. "To me it looks like military flares as when one disappears then another one will appear at a higher level and come down"-- hey, who let that guy in here? That is clearly not the "best" analysis we demand on real UFO videos. Like this one.