Here'$ what you'll pay for $uper Bowl ticket$ on the $econdary market

It'll cost ya, bub

It'll cost ya, bub Wikipedia Commons

Whoops! Looks like you forgot to buy Super Bowl tickets. And, according to our Big Game Insight Desk, the sporting world's most-hyped event goes down this very Sunday -- in our very city! 

There's still time to score tickets, however, thanks to the merciless profiteers on the secondary market. Savvy to the bigness of this game, they're twisting the knife of capitalism especially hard on websites like Stubhub and SeatGeek.

So bust out your wallet, hand your son some junior college brochures, and let's take a gander at what it'll cost to see 60 minutes of Patriots vs. Eagles at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. For perspective, the face-value prices ranged from $950-$5,000, Yahoo! Sports reports.

If you're buying nose-bleed...

The cheapest finds: $3,064 on SeatGeek (it's waaay up top); $3,720 on StubHub (it's actually lower-level corner). Plenty of sub-$4,000 deals exist in the rafters. 

If you're buying mid-tier...

Expect to pay around $4,000-$6,000 for seats on the second level and above the end zones. 

If you're buying the swaggiest of swag... 

The most expensive seat on SeatGeek is listed for $146,000, and guess what? It's terrible! Last row, corner of the stadium. The website's "Deal Score" meter appears to be working, because that asking price is rated as "Terrible." Stubhub also has a nose-bloodying $100,000 option, its only six-figure seat. Mostly, though, you're looking at around $6,000-$10,000 for primo lower-level tickets.

The overall average price on the secondary market? $5,178, according to the seat-specializing geeks at SeatGeek. Most buyers are coming from Boston (24.5 percent), Philadelphia (12.1 percent), New York (11.9 percent), Minneapolis (7.3 percent), and Chicago (5.3 percent), per its data.

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