Here are the four DFL senators who voted to block the gay marriage bill yesterday [PHOTOS]

Meet the four DFL Senators who voted against marriage equality yesterday.
Meet the four DFL Senators who voted against marriage equality yesterday.
From left to right, Senators Dan Sparks, D-Austin; Kent Eken, D-Twin Valley; Lyle Koenen, D-Clara City; and LeRoy Stumpf, D-Plummer

Yesterday, the marriage equality bill survived an attempt in the Senate to block its progress.

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A motion to allow the bill to proceed to the Senate floor was approved by a 35-31 margin. Sen. Branden Petersen, R-Andover (more about his story here), was the only Republican to vote in favor of letting the bill proceed. Four Democrats from rural areas of the state joined 27 MNGOPers in voting to block the bill. They are pictured above.

From the Austin Daily Herald:

The Democrats who went against the majority of their party all represent largely rural districts where last fall's election results, as well as more recent polls, show support for legalizing gay marriage is considerably lower than in the Twin Cities area...

While the bill survived its first challenge in the full Senate, that's no guarantee of its ultimate passage there. At least one senator who sided with fellow Democrats, Rod Skoe of Clearbrook, said he did so out of respect for traditional procedure and didn't know if he'd vote for the bill on final passage.

"I'm undecided and even if I wasn't, I wouldn't say yet," said Skoe, whose district covers a large portion of northwest Minnesota...

The bill also has to get through the House, where its opponents have said they see a better chance to defeat it.

A final vote on the bill isn't expected until this spring, so DFL leaders still have time to persuade members of their legislative contingent that remain undecided.

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