Herb Brooks's Amazing Hockey Memorabilia On Sale to Fund His Grandkids' College

Anyone wanna loan us like, $50,000?

Anyone wanna loan us like, $50,000?

Herb Brooks accumulated all sorts of awesome stuff over the course of his incredible run, and now his family is selling it off to fund college for his teenage grandchildren and the foundation created in his name after he was killed in a 2003 car crash.

"Between me and my sister and my mom, having to store this stuff and track it down and babysit it was kind of a pain, quite frankly," Dan Brooks, the son of Herb Brooks, told the Associated Press. "We decided this might be a good time to see if anyone has an interest in the stuff to just simplify our lives."

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The premier item is the ring Brooks got for coaching the 1980 USA Olympic men's hockey team to a gold medal (pictured above) after its legendary upset over the Soviets. The 1974 and 1976 NCAA championship rings he won with the Gophers are also up for sale, although the actual 1980 gold medal is not.

There are game-worn jerseys from his playing days, commemorative plaques and pucks, as well as his personal diary, notebooks, and planners saved from the most famous gold medal run in American history.

The Associated Press found the entry for Feb. 22, 1980, the day the Americans beat the Soviets. It reads simply, "Game vs. Russians. W 4-3!"


Can you imagine putting on Brooks's old suede jacket and delivering the speech given by Kurt Russell in Miracle? We're getting chills just thinking about it.

"Great moments are born from great opportunity, and that's what you have here tonight..."

Your boot hockey squad will never be the same.