Henry Sibley baseball player smashes ball into his own junk, lies down for a little bit [VIDEO]


It's every high school athlete's dream to be in a video that goes viral and winds up on Deadspin.

Maybe not like this. 

Henry Sibley High School baseball player Dan O'Reilly was trying to help his team's already massive 20-1 lead over South St. Paul. Looking to put yet another run on the board, O'Reilly took a good, hard swing at a pitch.

He made contact. The ball came off his bat.  It went a short distance in the wrong direction. It did not end well.

Here, see for yourself.

Oh! Oof. Oh. Oh man. Dan. Dan? Are you ok Dan? Jesus. Why don't you just take a minute and... Jesus. Guys? Where's the ice pack? Hey guys did we bring the ice pack? Is it in one of the coolers? JUST GIVE ME YOUR DRINK IT'S GOT ICE IN IT DAN NEEDS THE ICE!

Turned out O'Reilly was able to recover after a while, as revealed in a follow-up video that hit the internet soon after. Watch for the single "dab" dance move, a sort of modern-day thumbs-up-from-the-stretcher for the teenager who just took one right in the junk..

The game ended with that same score, 20-1, the Star Tribune reports (in a story that curiously left out the single most dramatic thing that happened all season), meaning neither team scored any more runs after this moment. 

Maybe, having seen what happened here, the kids were a little gun-shy about taking a big cut at that next pitch. Maybe they didn't really feel like hitting a ball very hard.

Wear a cup, kids. And always remember to bring the ice pack.