Hennepin County removes UN flag from Government Center plaza [VIDEO]

The UN flag flew over the Government Center plaza from 1986 until last week.

The UN flag flew over the Government Center plaza from 1986 until last week.

After more than 25 years flying alongside the US flag, the UN flag has been removed from the Hennepin County Government Center plaza.

Last week, Hennepin County commissioners approved an "emergency" resolution directing staff to take the flag down. The US, Minnesota, and Hennepin County flags remain.

Wrote commissioner Jeff Johnson in a blog post: "We owe no allegiance to the United Nations and its flag does not belong on the plaza and certainly not flying next to Old Glory."

[jump] The presence of the UN flag at the Government Center spurred the creation of an anti-flag Facebook group. In 2009, the True Patriots Network produced a conspiratorial video about the flag, which is embedded below.

Conservative radio hosts Bob Davis and Tom Emmer recently brought the issue back to public consciousness via a discussion on their show. Johnson wrote that Davis and Emmer "forced a discussion" of the issue, but added that he and other commissioners had been talking about removing the UN flag for some time.

And last week, the flag finally came down. While it might seem like a trivial thing to some, it isn't trivial to those who have fought for the US under the stars and stripes, as Johnson points out. Presumably, it also isn't trivial to folks who support internationalism.

If you're interested, here's the True Patriots Network's hard-rockin' anti-UN flag video: