Hennepin County police make huge metro-wide pot bust

Eighteen suburbanites face up to life in prison for growing pot indoors. The charges, filed today, stem from raids carried out Tuesday.

The Hennepin Couny Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with a couple anti-drug task forces, executed warrants on six grow houses, yielding 3,300 forbidden plants valued at $6,000,000.

Sign of the times: Unlike in previous busts, officials are downplaying the Reefer Madness, we're-saving-families-from-cetain-doom motif, instead playing on fears about falling home prices. Sure, cannabis is a dangerous plant life, say authorities, but an even greater concern is a value-depriciating fungi associated with watering the plants.

"Neighborhoods are safer now that this major marijuana grow operation has been dismantled," Sheriff Stanek said in a statement released today. "These operations also hurt neighborhood property values because homes are severely damaged with the mold that result from on-going irrigation efforts needed for the plants."