Hennepin County deputies endorse Rich Stanek's opponent by nearly 8-to-1 margin

Hennepin County deputies want a new boss.

Hennepin County deputies want a new boss.

If Rich Stanek wins a third term as Hennepin County Sheriff, he'll do so without the support of his deputies.

Yesterday, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Deputies Association announced it's overwhelmingly supporting the candidacy of Minneapolis Police Assistant Chief Eddie Frizell, who is running to take Stank's job.

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The association's vote was announced on Facebook:


We called Stanek himself for comment this morning. Given our critical coverage of his work over the years, you won't be surprised to learn he didn't have much to say to us, though he did mention he's "been endorsed by police and fire and labor across the board."  

The deputies "have a contract out and want more, but they're going to have to take that up with the country board and not the sheriff," Stanek added.

Stanek referred any further questions to his campaign communications guy. We attempted to ask him one last thing about whether he was denied the Deputies Association's endorsement in either of his previous campaigns, but he stopped us short.

"Did you hear me? I don't think you heard me?" Stanek said. (In fairness, he did so in a calm tone and called us back later to provide the pertinent phone number. The spokesperson hasn't yet returned our voicemail.)

In response to the endorsement news, Stanek's campaign released the following statement to Fox 9:

The election this fall will give everyone who lives in Hennepin County the chance to decide who is the best person to be sheriff. We respect everyone who is involved in this process and strongly believe that Sheriff Rich Stanek's outstanding record clearly makes him the best person to continue to keep people safe across Hennepin County.
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