Hennepin and First avenues to switch from one-way to two-way streets

Head's up Minneapolis commuters unfamiliar with downtown's layout: your days of spanning four extra blocks in a stressed stupor as you try to navigate the myriad one-way thoroughfares to your destination will soon be over. Or at least made more managable.

On the weekend of Oct. 1o, weather permitting, Hennepin and First avenues will convert to two-way streets. Officials hope the change will make downtown more navitgable and welcoming to visitors, drivers and pedestrians alike. Or, if you prefer PR-speak, here's how the City put it in their press release: 

This change is a key step in revitalizing Hennepin Avenue and making it an even more vibrant "main street" for Minneapolis that showcases what's best about our city... The two-way conversion will also have a calming effect on traffic, makng the sidewalks along the streets a more inviting place for people who come to Downtown to eat, shop, work, and for entertainment.

(Also in the works: bike lanes down First Ave.).

Love the moves? Hate them? Just looking for an opportunity to shout non sequitars at city officials? A public meeting will be held Sept. 24 at 5 p.m. in room 319 of City Hall.