Hendrickson children, burned in tent fire, were homeless


The pictures on the TV news last night were pretty disturbing: Caiden Hendrickson, 3, and his little brother, 14-month-old Cameron, laying in hospital beds at Hennepin County Medical Center, horribly burned.

The two boys were injured after their tent caught fire on Friday in Otsego. Cameron, who suffered the worst, has second- and third-degree burns over 60 percent of his body and is listed in critical condition. Caiden's second- and third degree burns covered about 20 percent of his body.

And maybe you're thinking "camping accident." But the tent has a street address.

The kids and their parents were living in the tent, in a friend's back yard, because they'd been evicted from their New Brighton apartment.

It sounds like Caiden pulled his baby brother to safety; the boys are in for a long recovery. In the meantime, the Wright County sheriff and the state fire marshal are trying to figure out why the fire started in the first place.