Help find the jerk attacking Minneapolis bicyclists like Mackenzie Jensen

Mackenzie Jensen has needed multiple surgeries since being attacked last Friday.

Mackenzie Jensen has needed multiple surgeries since being attacked last Friday.

Since July 20, a gutless assailant has been on a campaign of random, senseless violence against Minneapolis bicyclists. The man’s signature move is chucking hunks of concrete at unsuspecting bikers. The most recent hit went down last Friday afternoon with two separate attacks, one of which left Mackenzie Jensen needing jaw and facial surgery.

The Minneapolis Police Department has released more information on the loathsome brute believed to be responsible. Cops say the suspect is a tanned white or Hispanic male in his twenties. The man was in an older white Ford Bronco or pickup truck with a topper, with a busted rear window covered by cardboard or wood. It’s possible the walking pile of excrement works in construction, as one of his victims reportedly spotted him wearing a yellow vest.

Although four of the victims have been on bikes, one was in a car. Here’s the full post from MPD.

Update: Assault on BicyclistsAugust 12, 2015 (MINNEAPOLIS) The Minneapolis Police continue to investigate the recent...

Jensen, whose jaw is now wired shut, is expected to undergo his second reconstructive surgery Thursday. The community has rallied behind the 20-year-old victim, with a GoFundMe page to cover his medical expenses and lost wages. The fundraiser quickly blew past its $15,000 goal was approaching $23,000 Thursday morning. Extra cash will be donated to Secondhand Hounds.

Should you spot the alleged douche, resist the urge run him down on your fat bike and give the cops a shout.