Help count Minneapolis's non-motorized traffic and be counted

Help count Minneapolis's non-motorized traffic and be counted
Photo by Micah Taylor

In order for the city to fund infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians, officials have to know it actually exists and how many people choose to get around car-free. So it might not hurt to spend a couple hours volunteering for the city to make sure those people are counted.

The city is planning their annual bicycle and pedestrian count in September and is looking for volunteers to help do the official count.

The Department of Public Works uses the data to look at the current resources available for residents and to lobby for more improvements.

More details below.

Most volunteers are primarily needed Tuesday, Sept. 15 in two-hour blocks around the city, but other days are available. Volunteers are particularly needed between 4 p.m- 6 p.m.

If you can't spend the two hours volunteering, it probably wouldn't hurt your cause to get out by feet or bike that day in case a counter is watching. That's our own advice and not the city's of course. Don't want to skew the results.

If you are interested, contact Shaun Murphy by email or call 612-275-5128. You can also register here.

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