Heidi Firkus killed with husband's shotgun


Heidi Firkus, 25, was shot to death with her husband's gun in her St. Paul home early Sunday morning.

Her 27-year-old husband, Nicholas, told St. Paul police he went downstairs with his double-barreled shotgun when he heard an intruder trying to get into the house. There was a struggle. The gun went off twice. The first shot killed his wife. The second grazed his leg. Then, Nicholas told police, the intruder fled.

But so far, St. Paul police spokesman Sgt. Paul Schnell said there's no sign of any evidence of forced entry, or of a struggle. He said the shotgun blast that killed Heidi Firkus hit her in the back. The other shot barely grazed her husband's leg.

All of which prompted us to ask whether Firkus himself might be a suspect. No, says Schnell.

"Nicholas is regarded as a victim and remains in that classification until and unless we find evidence that would indicate otherwise," he said.

Investigators are still going over the crime scene, a process that could take the rest of the day, according to Schnell. The autopsy on Heidi Firkus is also under way, with results expected this evening.