Heidi Collins goes nuts on Mark Ritchie on Fox9

Heidi Collins tore into Mark Ritchie on Fox9 last night

Heidi Collins tore into Mark Ritchie on Fox9 last night

Fox9 anchor Heidi Collins uncorked an insanely hostile interview on Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie last night, leaving some viewers questioning her judgment and fairness.

Collins interrupted Ritchie several times to question his motives, trying to impute a connection to ACORN, which itself was the victim of a smear campaign that has since been proven false.


At one point, in a performance reminiscent of Nancy Grace, Collins interrupts Ritchie, admonishing him that it's her job to ask the questions and his to answer them.

"Mr. Secretary, could I ask the questions?" Collins interjects in the middle of Ritchie's reasonable explanation. "Secretary Ritchie, could I ask the questions?"

"Yes, ma'am," Ritchie responds politely.

 "I ask, you answer, yes?" Collins scolds.

Stay tuned till the end. After being somewhat professional for a few minutes, she goes into attack dog mode again.


Turns out Fox9 is currently running a promo taking credit for breaking the "scoop" that there were vote reporting problems in Hennepin County, so obviously they're going to be riding the "Democrats stole the election" meme for all it's worth in the coming weeks.

Who is Heidi Collins? She's the CNN anchor brought in to replace Robyne Robinson when she decided to run for governor become a jewelry entrepreneur.

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