Hecker's wife wants divorce, $15M, custody of kids


Denny Hecker's wife says their divorce is back on and she's looking for more money out of the split. Hecker, a former auto king in Minnesota, has watched his empire collapse since late last year as his worth continues to tumble with the failing U.S. auto industry.

Tamitha Hecker, 42, said in the divorce petition that it is an "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage," according to the Star Tribune.

The Heckers had previously started divorce proceedings in April 2008, but then stopped them in October. Their 2003 postnuptial agreement gave Tamitha $15 million, but they came to a new agreement of $10 million when they stopped divorce proceedings last year.

Now Tamitha says she wants $15 million again because she says Denny, 56, lied about his financial standing that morphed their agreement. She says he failed to give "full and fair disclosure" of his earnings and property.

Tamitha is also hoping for sole custody of their two children, ages 14 and 8.

In Denny's personal bankruptcy filing this year, he claimed $18.5 million in assets and he owes $767 million.