Heavyweight wrestler Gable Steveson pins opponent, backflips, goes viral [VIDEO]

Trust us: Mere seconds before this, Gable Steveson was pinning a large opponent.

Trust us: Mere seconds before this, Gable Steveson was pinning a large opponent. KARE 11

Pro-tip: If your post-match celebration plan is doing a backflip, try to win quickly, so you're not too tired to stick the landing.

No problem for Gable Steveson, the phenomenal Apple Valley High School senior, who last weekend wrapped up what might be the greatest high school career in the history of Minnesota wrestling. Maybe just Minnesota sports in general. 

Steveson, a heavyweight (typically 285 pounds and up, though Steveson comes in closer to 260), won his fourth state championship, and easily, pinning his final opponent (Anoka's Brandon Frankruth) in just 17 seconds. Steveson needed a total of two minutes and three seconds to win four matches, each of which ended in a pin, the Star Tribune reports.

Steveson finishes high school with a record of 212-3, and won 173 matches in a row to end his career. Simply put, this is not fair, and a number of large high school students in Minnesota will be very happy to see Steveson graduate.

Steveson's .986 winning percentage is the highest in Minnesota history, and he graciously accepted the possibility that he's the state's best high school wrestler ever.

"Hopefully, one of these other kids beats [my record]," Steveson told the Star Tribune, "but this time, it's mine."

(Pssst, Gable: No one can beat your winning percentage if you keep beating them.) 

It's what happened just after Steveson's last championship win that's got the internet all abuzz. On Reddit's r/sports page, people are freaking out about a short clip of the match highlights -- er, highlight -- courtesy of KARE 11.

Steveson and Frankruth start the clip with locked arms. In no time at all, Frankruth is dropping to the ground -- then rolling on his back -- then immobilized. And that's that.

Then, as if it's the obvious thing to do, Steveson hops to his feet and does a roundoff back handspring, briefly serving as his own acrobatic cheerleader. Watch for the shocked faces of the announcer and the two kids in the background, who surely figured what Steveson had just done was impressive enough.

High School heavyweight Gable Steveson celebrates his 4th Minnesota state wrestling championship with some amazing acrobatics for a 260 pound athlete from r/sports

Steveson will wrestle for the University of Minnesota next year, where the once-glorious Gophers team is still recovering from the sudden (and scandalous) departure of former coach J Robinson. The burden to rebuild a major college program is a lot to heap on the shoulders of a freshman.

Then again, Steveson's shoulders look pretty broad -- even when they're momentarily floating, upside down and in mid-air.