Heat index over 100 degrees again today

It will be this hot until tomorrow night, if anyone makes it.

It will be this hot until tomorrow night, if anyone makes it.

Apparently Minneapolis has sinned against the weather and is being punished. 

Yesterday's high temp hit 98 degrees, buckling highways and leaving 8,000 Twin Cities residents without power. The Minnesota Twins reported that dozens of people had problems with the heat during yesterday afternoon's game, and a few were taken to a hospital.

Today will be pretty much the same, with the heat index soaring over 100 degrees by mid-afternoon. Even with predicted thunderstorms, the temperature won't be coming down any time soon.


The National Weather Service's excessive heat warning is in effect until 9 p.m. Wednesday, which means Minneapolis will have suffered danger weather for four straight days.

Last night, traffic on I-94 was cut down to two lanes at Lowry Ave. after highways snapped, and the State Patrol said the interstate had also buckled near St. Croix Rest Area.

Minnesota's not the only ones in the dog days of the summer from hell. A giant swath of the middle of the country, from the the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico, would probably burst into flame if it weren't for that awful humidity. 

But fear not. Thursday morning, this will all be over, and  over the weekend we can expect to relax with the heat index... back over 100 degrees.

Please, make it stop.