Heart breaking: Conan won't visit Minn. State Fair


We all know Minnesotans love celebrities. Because let's face it... celebrities don't come here very often. So when there was even the slightest chance Conan O'Brien might come to the best Minnesota event of the year, the State Fair, we couldn't contain our ridiculous Midwestern excitement. Queue the Minnesota Nice!

It doesn't help that Conan himself started the buzz. When he appeared on KARE-11 in May to promote "The Tonight Show," he said:

"I've heard you guys have chocolate-covered bacon. I will take 'The Tonight Show' to the State Fair for a week if I can get my bodyweight in chocolate-covered bacon... My favorite food in the world is when meat becomes candy."
Now we all know this was just Conan's lame publicity stunt meant only to break our Fair-loving hearts. But some people aren't giving up hope.

More from the Pioneer Press:
Fair officials quickly called his bluff in a letter to O'Brien's executive producer.

The letter offered the full "Minnesota nice" monty, including a smorgasbord of the notorious Fair food, a seed art portrait, a butter sculpture, the opportunity to milk cows and a staring contest with farmhands.

On Wednesday, pig lickers creator Charlie Torgerson, of Famous Dave's, committed to whipping up 190 pounds of his concoction, which Conan has previously mentioned on air. That would be about 3,600 pig lickers.

"I'll do it. Yeah. It's good for the state of Minnesota. It's not just good for us," Torgerson said.

If anything, Minnesotans appreciate the Fair for the same reasons it would be comedic gold for Conan. We find it's one of the best places for people watching and while we truly enjoy eating everything on a stick, we also appreciate the irony of our ridiculous traditions.

Time to give up hope. At least this year.

Here is the written statement the PiPress received in response to their request for comment:

"Conan is thrilled to have received so much support from the Twin Cities for his debut on 'The Tonight Show.' As much as we would enjoy taking 'The Tonight Show' on the road to the State Fair, we will still be breaking in our new home at Universal Studios on those dates," relayed Drew Shane , of NBC Universal.
Conan, you really broke our hearts.