He got his driver's license last month


Dang. Renville County Sheriff

There's nothing quite like the initial rush of freedom after getting your driver's license. Until a sinkhole swallows your Buick whole. 

At least that's what happened to a 16-year-old Minnesotan on Tuesday. While cruising through rain-soaked Renville County, the unnamed teen drove his 2002 Buick Park Avenue into a massive sinkhole that had formed in a washed-out culvert beneath the road. 

Remarkably, the boy escaped unharmed through the rear window; his buckled seat belt and deployed airbags helped him avoid injury, according to the Renville County Sheriff's Office. The teen's grandmother, Candace Leopold, tells WCCO that her grandson earned his driver's license last month

"Another example of the power of Mother Nature!" the sheriff's office wrote in a Facebook post featuring drone footage of the sinkhole. "Remember, always BUCKLE UP; you just never know what situation you might encounter!" 


Recent rainfalls totaling four to seven inches have caused flooding -- and, it turns out, at least one car-hungry sinkhole -- throughout south-central Minnesota. 

Sinkhole Boy became this summer's second automotive-related news story out of rural Minnesota to reach international audiences. Who could forget Tailpipe Girl