Having a bad day? Throw boiling noodles at someone, stab a dog


We all have one of "those days." You know what we mean. Your alarm doesn't go off, you're running late, your toast is burnt, your car won't start, and to top it off your boss actually wants you to work today. And then you get home to a girlfriend who doesn't feel your pain.

Apparently some of our neighbors have found excellent solutions to calm their anger. Just bite someone, throw boiling noodles at them, and then stab someone's dog in the anus. That'll take care of it. Two stories worth noting came up today in the daily reel of WTF news. First off, a man in North Dakota is accused of throwing a pot of boiling noodles on his girlfriend. He also allegedly tried to bite her vampire-style, but we're not sure if that came before or after the noodle scent covered her blistered body. Smart one, dude.

A story closer to home: St. Paul police are trying to figure out who stabbed a dog to death in a backyard, possibly with a stick. A Minneapolis man called police when he found out his dog had been stabbed to death in the St. Paul yard it was staying at. The mut had blood on its read hips and anal area. Police found a bloody stick close to the dead dog.

Gotta have faith.