Have you seen this dog?



Flint Keller's cell phone rang yesterday morning while he was teaching his fourth grade class at Richardson Elementary School. It was his wife, Jenny. She said Roseville police had just called.

They thought they'd found the family dog, Pendoodle.

The Keller family's hunt for the dog since New Year's Eve has become a community cause in Como Park, so Flint was shooed out the school door by its principal. [jump]

He slogged through the snow to where the big, friendly Newfoundland-Rottweiler mix was last seen, but Pendoodle was gone.

Dogs go missing all the time, but few have as many people looking for them as Pendoodle. Flint, Jenny and their kids launched the, and Jennifer has taken to Facebook, to try to harness the power of her social network.

Their cause has been embraced by total strangers. Woof Report picked up Pendoodle's scent:

This digital "Missing Dog" poster caught our eye.

This digital "Missing Dog" poster caught our eye.

Pendoodle is still alive. Running scared. Seen yesterday near NW College & Snelling in Roseville. He needs food - do not chase. Please call Jenny if you see dog.

He's on craigslist, too. Lure him with cheeseburgers!

Pendoodle sighting in Arden Hills - Near Snelling and County Road E - he is moving North and running from everyone! Someone catch him please! Lure him with food - cheeseburgers have been recommended to us - bend down and call him - don't chase him!

"We've had so many tips, it's been ridiculous," Jenny says.

It's been a little surreal, too. A stranger approached Flint recently and urged him to join in the search for Pendoodle, not realizing that Keller was the dog's owner.

Another day, while he took 21 fourth graders on a field trip to the woods in Arden Hills, he heard about a woman he did not know was calling the dog's name and posting fliers.

And that call that the Kellers got from Roseville police came out of the blue. Flint had never spoken to Roseville PD before. But the officer on the line had heard about the dog via Facebook.

The Pendoodle sightings around town -- three so far -- have given the Keller kids hope, Flint told us yesterday, while looking at a patch of snow where it appeared the dog had slept. Later that night he went back to scene and posted his thoughts:

"I couldn't go to sleep without checking once more. I think I actually slowed down as I got closer on Snelling. Parked. My mouth went dry as I looped the leash around my neck."

But there was no sign of Pendoodle.

If you see him, call 651-647-5040.