Hats off to vegan couple for confronting the tyranny of wedding caterers


The smile that comes from knowing hot dogs will be the main course at your reception, accompanied by select offerings from the Old Dutch premium snack line. Wikipedia

Reader Christopher Porto responds to St. Paul couple sues wedding caterer for vegan 'disaster':

A lot of people are faulting the bride and groom, but I think it’s great what they are doing.

All too common companies gouge weddings. I see it all the time, where they promise the moon for a certain price and either drastically under-deliver or they up-charge for things that weren’t advertised.

It’s good to see someone hold them accountable. It’s usually like, “Oh it’s for a wedding? Let’s just triple the price of everything.” It’s simple: If you paid for something and didn’t get it, you should be reimbursed.

However, if you wanted to go with a vegan wedding, you should have tasted the food first or went with a caterer who specializes in vegan food. There is great vegan food out there. But it it’s not something they do regularly, I wouldn’t have had them cater. 


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