Hating on Bachmann: The right wing edition

It's no secret that Michele Bachmann arouses virulent hostility among liberal Democrats and many moderate Republicans. That is something of a badge of honor for the anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion rights, full-of-Jesus state senator from Stillwater. Much more intriguing is the intensity of anti-Bachmann sentiments that are now emerging on the other side of the political spectrum. Case in point: Tony Garcia, a self-described "Federalist conservative" who co-hosts a radio show on 1450 AM in St. Cloud.

On his blog, Always Right, Usually Correct (in post put up the day before Bachmann sewed up the Republican endorsement for the sixth district congressional seat), Garcia unloaded an anti-Bachmann tirade against that makes the attacks from the left look downright tepid. Writes Garcia:

This woman is far from the model of morality that she and her lemming followers want you to believe. She is a nasty, black-hearted woman. Behind the scenes she even worse. She is a compulsive liar who will say ANYTHING to get what she needs...truth and facts be damned...Seriously, this woman is so bad for the state and the country that I see less danger in electing Patty Wetterling than in electing Michele Bachmann. And expect that to be something I repeat often during the election cycle. "I'm a hard-line conservative, but Michele Bachmann is more of a danger to this country than Patty Wetterling."