Hate crime victim claims attempted "curb stomp"

There are differing versions of what happened outside of the U Otter Stop Inn, but the most frightful is the allegation that one of the assailants attempted a "curb stomp."

According to an account quoted in the Minnesota Daily student newspaper:

According to DeLand, one of her friends narrowly avoided a "curb stomp" when an assailant put the man's face on the sidewalk curb and tried to kick him in the back of his head.

If this checks out as true, the assailant should be punished for more than a hate crime--this is attempted murder.

For those of you unaware of this most heinous of Nazi skinhead tactics, it involves knocking out all of someone's teeth by kicking the back of someone's head while they are biting the cement curb of the road. It was most vividly portrayed as the reason for Ed Norton's incarceration in American History X (see below). You can read more here.

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