Hastings woman saves dog with mouth-to-mouth, says boyfriend "doesn't like it"


Mauch's boyfriend is apparently a bit jealous of the dog she mouth-to-mouth resuscitated yesterday.

Hastings resident Tara Mauch is a hero ... to everyone except her boyfriend.

Mauch lives next to a house that caught fire yesterday at about 11:30 in the morning. Though the residents weren't home, their animals -- two dogs and a rabbit -- were.

As firefighters arrived at the scene, word spread that the animals were trapped inside. Firefighters eventually were able to get all three animals out, but one of the dogs (the Hastings' Star Gazette unhelpfully contents itself with describing the dog as "white") was having trouble breathing. Mauch sprang to action.

[jump] As another woman held the dog a few feet off the ground, Mauch grabbed it by the head and blew a breath directly into its mouth.

Her effort, apparently, was successful. The dog resumed normal breathing and was eventually brought to a nearby veterinarian for care, along with the other two animals.

Afterward, Mauch told the Star Gazette she's "obsessed with saving animals." When she learned the dogs and a rabbit were trapped inside the burning home, Mauch said she started "pacing around, just waiting for the animals ... I was like, 'Please pull the dogs out. Please pull the dogs out.'"

Seems harmless enough, right? But apparently, Mauch's animal-saving obsession is enough to make her boyfriend a little jealous.

"My boyfriend doesn't like it," Mauch joked. Let's hope she at least gave her teeth and tongue a thorough scrubbing before she tried to kiss and make up with him.

The photo everyone but Mauch's boyfriend wants to see -- that is, an action shot of her giving the dog mouth-to-mouth -- can be found here.

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