Hassan Farah robbed a bank so he could go to prison or get deported

Not a fan of the song, "Take the Money and Run."

Not a fan of the song, "Take the Money and Run."

Hassan Farah is trying to save money on meals or a plane ticket. So he robbed a bank. Not to get the money, but to get caught and sent to prison or deported back to Somalia.

Farah walked in to a downtown Wells Fargo bank on Friday and handed the teller a note that said he wanted $33,000. The note also threatened to "blow the bank right away."

With $1,805, the teller came up a bit short. But it was enough for Farah, who took the money and sat down in a chair to wait for the cops.


They showed up soon enough and arrested Farah, who must have been one of the most grateful bank robbers they've ever seen.

On Monday Farah was charged with second-degree aggravated robbery, and he's being held in Hennepin County Jail on a $50,000.

Fifty grand seems like high bail on someone who's definitely not a flight risk. Not only does Farah want to be prosecuted, he wants to be convicted.

Now he just needs to find a bad lawyer, who can make sure he'll get the maximum prison sentence. Or maybe he wants a bad immigration lawyer, one that will get Farah on the first plane back to Mogadishu.

Psst, Hassan -- next time, take the money. It's probably almost enough pay for a round-trip to Somalia, or whatever it is about the prison experience you wanted.