Harpers has the hot gossip on who's shopping for Norm Coleman at Neiman Marcus!

Harper's has an online item that reads more like Page 6 and it's all about Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman (R-Neiman Marcus).

According to Harpers, our boy Norm is getting lavish treatment from a sugar daddy named Nasser Kazeminy, who flies the Coleman family around on his private jet as well as keeps the senator current with all the latest fashion:

I've been told by two sources that Kazeminy has in the past covered the bills for Coleman's lavish clothing purchases at Nieman Marcus in Minneapolis.

Just who is this Mastercard-wielding Kazeminy anyway?

Also from Harpers:

Coleman also has a close relationship with Minnesota businessman Nasser Kazeminy, a big donor to the G.O.P. and to Coleman. In 2005, the senator and his daughter jetted down to the Bahamas on a private plane owned by Kazeminy, a trip valued at $3,960. In 2004, he and his wife flew to Paris on Kazeminy's plane, a $2,870 value.

In addition to allegedly contributing to the NM expense account, Kazeminy also curries favor through the far more conventional outsized campaign donation, as noted in this old City Pages article:

Local businessman Nasser Kazeminy, whose NJK Holding Corp. is represented by the firm in a non-lobbying capacity, gave $50,000.

And what would a Coleman post be without a reference to the unfortunately named "Blo & Go." Luckily, Harpers obliges, proving that even Harpers is not too high-minded to resist going for Coleman's Achilles groin:

Meanwhile, the senator's own wife, Laurie Coleman, is employed by Minneapolis-based Hays Companies, according to his latest personal financial disclosure form. The Hays Companies offers clients advice on risk management, commercial insurance, and employee benefits. The firm's executives, their spouses and employees provided Coleman with $20,700 in campaign contributions between 2002 and 2006.

It's not clear why a risk management firm would require the services of Laurie Coleman, an aspiring actress and the inventor of the "Blo & Go," a hands-free hair drying device ("The whole key to this is the suction," she has explained of her product's utility.) Coleman's financial disclosure form doesn't list his wife's job description or salary. LeRoy Coleman, the senator's spokesman, declined to elaborate; the firm did not reply to a request for comment.

That Laurie Coleman. Such a scamp.

Harpers has the hot gossip on who's shopping for Norm Coleman at Neiman Marcus!

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