Harmon Killebrew duels with Willy Mays, Mickey Mantle on Home Run Derby [VIDEO]

Watch some legends swing for the fences.

Watch some legends swing for the fences.

While mourning the loss of Twins legend Harmon Killebrew today, we came across some classic Home Run Derby video clips from 1960 in which "Killer" Killebrew took on some of the biggest sluggers of the day, including Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle and others.

Back in the day, before the format was adopted as a Baseball Hall of Fame crowd-pleaser, Home Run Derby was shot in black and white at Wrigley Field in Los Anegles, then home to Angels, and hosted by actor Mark Scott. It lasted just one season, canceled when Scott died of a heart attack that same year.

Watch these gentlemen from a different, simpler era swing for the fences.


Killebrew vs. Mays

Killebrew vs. Mantle

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