Hannity uses old protest footage to make Bachmann rally look bigger


Oh, that Sean Hannity over at Fox News. Always trying to pull a fast one and always getting busted. That's what happens when most people don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth. You're probably the most fact-checked person on TV these days. So maybe it's silly to attempt to make Rep. Michele Bachmann's "Kill the Bill" rally last week look much bigger and cooler than it really was. Everyone is watching Bachmann like a hawk these days too.

When Hannity spoke to Bachmann about her rockin' rally on the steps of the Capitol, he first inflates the number of attendees to 20,000, which Bachmann then inflates to up to 40,000. The Washington Post said it was 10,000.

Then Hannity does the best trick in the book: Reuse old video from an earlier rally that was much more successful. Unfortunately the footage is from different seasons.

Of course The Daily Show's Jon Stewart uncovered this rubbish and shows it to us for a couple good laughs. Check it out below.