Hang ten with Spam: Hawaii can't get enough of it


If you vacation in Hawaii for something a little more exotic than Minnesota, you might be mildly disappointed if you're stuck stuffing your face with barftastic meat-in-a-can Spam. We're really not joking.

The Hawaii island of Waikiki has their 7th annual Spam Jam Festival this weekend to celebrate their total obsession with the canned good we hate to admit is created in our own home state (OK, Austin is pretty proud). Maybe you'll think twice about your trip to Hawaii in the spring time. You might be better off frying up that juicy goodness in your own kitchen.

You might be surprised, but more Spam is consumed per person in Hawaii than in any other state in the United States. They eat a whopping seven million cans of this stuff a year. We're feeling nauseous.

In honor of the giant event, Spam producer Hormel Foods donated 3,500 pounds of it to two Hawaiian nonprofits, says the Star Tribune.

Organizers say the celebration is one of the biggest street festivals on the island and thousands attend the free event to sample Spam creations, buy merchandise and giggle their Spam-filled belly to local music. Disgusting.

But we're not going to lie. Writing this made us a little hungry. For some non-canned meat.