Hallelujah: Women can pee standing up thanks to Minn. company


Talk about female empowerment right? Didn't every little girl wonder why she couldn't pee standing up? Well now you can as long as you are comfortable carrying a silicone funnel around in your purse for those emergency public situations.

Minnetonka-based GoGirl has created a reusable "urination device" so ladies can go anytime, anywhere without pissing all over their shoes or getting crabs on dirty toilet seats. What a relief.

Apparently this is old news in Europe, but Americans are clearly getting a kick out of it. It's getting some play on national TV shows because frankly no one is too old for potty talk.

The device is marketed to "active women" who frankly don't have time to sit down and pee. Or you know, they love being outdoors but hate squatting. We just want a couple for fun.

Here is their video promo explaining how it works. Simple: "Just adjust your clothing, gently hold GoGirl against you to form a seal and well... pee".

The device was featured on NBC's Kathy and Hoda this morning. Maybe they aren't the best spokeswomen for it.

And Chelsea Lately on E! has some good giggles with it too.

They cost $4.99 each or $11.99 for a 3-pack. Women can officially start to rejoice.