Hacking Time 100


Marblecake. Also. The. Game. The words are pretty bland. Unless the hip-hop star was making a guest appearance on Martha Stewart and those were the notes on her cue cards. But these simple words get interesting when they're used as evidence that hackers can sucessfully mess with Time online.

Music Machinery, a sweet little music technology blog, had a write-up on the way Moot, administrator of 4chan, a meme factory, manipulated the Your Time 100 online poll to put his name at the top... then spell out "Marble Cake Also The Game" with the first letter of the first name of the remaining folks on the list, dudes like Kobe Bryant.
The cool part about all this is the hacking. Not since Angelina Jolie raced around in roller blades has hacking been this sexy. Hell, we aren't even sure if it's still cool to call it hacking. Surging or storming or massing? Who cares. It's awesome. 

Within the post is a shout-out to the power of another wunderkind, Pharyngula, the creation of University of Minnesota, Morris professor PZ Myers.

"...Pharyngula's followers are prime examples of the type of group that can turn a poll upside down in a matter of minutes."

˙dןǝɥ ǝuoǝɯos 'dɐɹɔ ɥo