H1N1 ruins awesome MEA weekend for kids

H1N1 ruins awesome MEA weekend for kids
Photo by Tina Keller

The wonderful four-day weekend thanks to annual Minnesota Education Association professional conferences for teachers was one of the best highlights of fall as a kid. Four days to hang out with new friends, cause trouble, pull all-nighters playing Mario Kart. Doesn't get any better than that.

Except when H1N1 comes along and ruins it. Totally. School officials are telling parents to keep their kids at home this weekend to help stop the spread of the flu. Kids throughout the state groan as they sit around doing something boring like reading a book or watching a movie with mom (GASP).

But seriously, when is this flu going to stop ruining all that kids love in life? Can you imagine how hard it is for kids to be scolded for wiping their runny nose on their clothes? It's a childhood classic. And now the flu is taking over prime hangout time with buddies?

Enough is enough.

More from the St. Cloud Times:

Schools, wracked with growing absentee numbers, are considering everything as they try to slow the spread of the virus and get children healthy and back in school.

Cathedral Principal Lynn Grewing sent an e-mail to parents Wednesday morning suggesting students not gather at parties or sleepovers. School nurses in St. Cloud suggest a 6-foot area of separation.

"We'd really like to see families kind of lay low for this break. It might break that contagious cycle is our hope," Grewing said.

"I understand it is not really realistic. I am still going to suggest and hope people think twice before they host a sleepover."

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