H1N1 could destroy the Internet too


Michael Jackson almost melted the Internet when he died this summer and now H1N1 could make a second attempt to destroy this beast for good. We applaud the swine flu's power to take down the only mode of daily functioning we know.

Experts say the Web could blow up if H1N1 becomes so widespread that too many people are home sick and logging online. The amount of home traffic could overwhelm local networks and cause pure chaos.

Just what we need. A bunch of sick people enraged because they can't stream Netflix movies from bed.

More from the Star Tribune:

That surge in telecommuting, the report concluded, could slow down local networks to the point of gridlock.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, "increased demand during a severe pandemic could exceed the capacities of Internet providers' access networks for residential users and interfere with teleworkers in the securities market," the report concluded.

And if that happens, the federal government may not be prepared to handle the problem, it said.

In case you wanted to know what the government is doing about it... well, pretty much nothing. The report says there are no solid plans in place to handle H1N1's internet attack. But if this is anything like the Y2K threat, we'd prefer the government spent their money on something else.