Gustavus student's controversial "Frankenstein rabbit" video goes viral [VIDEO]

Boettcher says he thinks the rabbit has cancer and won't live much longer.
Boettcher says he thinks the rabbit has cancer and won't live much longer.

While hanging out with his dad in the garage earlier this summer, Gustavus student Gunnar Boettcher decided to turn on his video camera and document a critter he had seen around his dad's place numerous times -- a bizarre looking rabbit with what appear to be horns growing out of its head.

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Boettcher's video of the "Frankenstein rabbit," which mimics the late Steve Irwin's work for Animal Planet and was shot with the help of his brother, quickly went viral and has now been viewed more than 200,000 times. But some think the clip treats the probably cancer-stricken rabbit insensitively, and as of this morning the video actually has more "dislikes" than "likes" on YouTube.

Here's the clip:

Critics' attitude toward the video is summed up by one of the top YouTube comments: "Can't you please capture him and get a vet to have a look? Perhaps there is something that can be done to help him or at least keep him safe . . . Seems a shame, that's all."

But in an interview with the Mankato Free Press, Boettcher says people like that commenter are making a mountain out of a molehill.

"It's a great idea to try to help him and make him healthy again, but it's a little ridiculous to blame me for not helping the rabbit and taking him to the vet when it's a wild rabbit," he said. "It's turning into a thing on animal rights. People are saying I'm mean for making it humorous, but it was just supposed to be something fun between me and my brother."

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