Gustavus corpse flower opens and shares its rotten-meat stench

Perry the corpse flower, doing what comes naturally
Perry the corpse flower, doing what comes naturally
Via Titan Arum Webcam

Note to the Grunke brothers: When the thrill of digging up a corpse for sex no longer rings your ding-a-ling, there's always Perry the blooming corpse flower at Gustavus Adolphus College. And those condoms you brought to the cemetery? Forget it. Think "gas mask" instead.

Perry goes by the scientific name Titan Arum, and is part of a family of gargantuan flowers only found naturally in the tropical rain forests of Sumatra. When they bloom -- which isn't often -- they reek of rotting flesh.

The folks at Linnaeus Arboretum on the Gustavus campus are pretty excited about the stink -- and so is Perry, by the look of things. Besides naming their plant, they've set up a blog, a webcam and a Facebook page to share the odoriferousness. Visiting hours are also being tentatively scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 23-25 from 8 p.m.-6 p.m.

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