Gus (Un)Lucky's

SCARCELY 24 HOURS after City Pages ran a story about the Eternal Styles lowrider bike club ("Breaking Away," 6/24), four of the club's six bikes in display at Minneapolis's Gus Lucky's Gallery were stolen. The most elaborately decorated of the Eternal Styles bikes, those belonging to Jon Rangel and Steve Hernandez, were left untouched. (The Hard Times bike club, which also had works on exhibit, did not suffer any losses.)

"We're not really sure how the thieves got in," says Jon Whitney, the gallery's director. "The guy who runs the guitar repair shop downstairs from the gallery said he noticed two teenagers milling around the place before the gallery opened. Other neighbors saw two kids carrying bikes out of the space." The gallery has filed a police report and has plans to reimburse the Willmar bike club for its losses.

"Yes, the kids are angry," says Francisco Morales, the club's adult sponsor. The club's president, Jon Rangel, will be taking the remaining bikes back home to Willmar, Minnesota, this week.

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