Gunman still on the loose after suspected triple homicide in Brooklyn Park [UPDATE]

:: Original post published afternoon of April 9 ::

Police are still searching for the gunman responsible for a suspected triple homicide that took place early this morning at 8117 College Park Drive in Brooklyn Park.

The shooting happened around 6:30 this morning. Shortly thereafter, Brooklyn Park police said they're looking for a black male in his mid-twenties, wearing blue jeans and a navy blue sweatshirt with a gray hood and two white stripes down the back. He was last seen riding a BMX bike.

The Star Tribune reports that the three victims are DeLois Brown, a 59-year-old woman who operated a daycare from the property, and her elderly parents. The gunman's motives remain unclear.

18-year-old Hakeem Hughes lives next to the house where the shooting took place. Hughes gave the Star Tribune the following account of what he heard this morning:

The scene outside 8117 College Park Drive this morning.
The scene outside 8117 College Park Drive this morning.
At 6:28, I heard screaming. I didn't know if it was arguing. I thought it must be kids playing in the back yard, but it's kind of early for that. It was a girl that was screaming. I don't know if it was a woman or a kid.

Officers arrived at the scene shortly thereafter and found three bodies. At about 6:30, Norris Vorsane, 18, a student who lives around the block from the daycare, was walking to school when an officer told him to get inside because a gunman was on the loose.

"I was straight inside my house and stayed there," Vorsane told the Pioneer Press.

As word of the shooting circulated, Hennepin Technical College, located near the site of the shooting, was locked down. The lockdown was expected to be lifted about 3 p.m., with on-campus students secured in a classroom until then.

:: UPDATE ::

KSTP's Mark Albert just tweeted this report:

:: UPDATE, April 10, 10:20 a.m. ::

The Star Tribune reports that the triple homicide was brought to police's attention after a mother dropped her child off at Brown's daycare and noticed a suspicious man outside the home:

Moments after dropping her toddler off at day care early Monday, a woman noticed a man outside the house and called to check on day-care provider DeLois Brown. The phone went dead in mid conversation.

Hurrying back to the Brooklyn Park child care home where she had just left her child, the woman found Brown and her elderly parents, who had just moved to the Twin Cities, shot to death. Her child was safe.

The mother gave police the description of the suspect included in our original post. As of this morning, no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Brooklyn Park police at 763-493-8222.

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