Gun permits issued in Minnesota doubled last year

On December 14, 2012, the Newtown massacre happened. In its wake, President Obama talked tough about gun control, and local gun shops reported a "feeding frenzy" for firearms.

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So perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that numbers released today by the Department of Public Safety show the number of carry permits issued in Minnesota last year basically doubled from 2012.

There were 60,471 permits issued in 2013, compared with 31,657 the year before. The number of gun permits issued has increased every year since 2010, when just 17,240 were approved.

According to the DPS, the top five counties for permits issued last year were Hennepin (7,982), Anoka (4,747), Dakota (4,125), Ramsey (3,483), and Washington (3,319).

Permit holders committed 1,023 crimes last year. More than half were DWIs or other traffic offenses, though the DPS reports that "the 2013 data on crimes committed by individuals with permits is significantly higher than it has been in years past," a development attributed in part to the increase in the number of permits issued.

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