Guilty verdict in Somali slaying

Hassan Mohamed Abdillahi has been convicted of killing 21-year-old Abdishakur Adan Hassan at a Somali Mall last fall.

Abdillahi, 23, of Richfield, shot Hassan, of Minneapolis, outside the mall on E. 24th Street and 10th Avenue in South Minneapolis Sept. 29. The prosecution argued that Abdillahi murdered Hassan to avenge the April killing of his cousin, 18-year-old Abdillahi Awil Abdi. Hassan had not killed Abdi, but Abdillahi knew he was friends with the man suspected of the murder.

The crime was one of a series of murders that have shaken the Somali community over the past year. In November, City Pages documented the murders and their effect on the Twin Cities' Somali population.

During the trial, Abdillahi's family members testified that the young man was with them -- not at the Somali Mall -- at the time of the murder. The jury, however, didn't buy it. The Star Tribune reported that most of Hassan's family was too afraid to attend the trial.